2007: I was fresh faced college freshman at the University of Missouri from Dallas, TX. Much like the picture posted, I was surrounded by STL fitted caps, excited individuals who were in the same position as me - taking the opportunity to, what most would describe as ‘bettering’ our lives. The same opportunity this young man was stripped of. This image is all too familiar. I’ve visited families of now lifelong friends, frat brothers and colleagues in these neighborhoods. All those from this area I know NONE of them deserve this. The community deserves to see their own honored. To The family of Mike Brown I want to say you weren’t going to be somebody because you ARE SOMEBODY and you deserve to honored as such. As a  brother, a friend, an influence, a leader. Your family deserves answers. Your community deserves justice. 

Grief is a process. I myself have cried in these days. Please pray for the family of this young man and the strength of the community. Stay faithful. Trust the Process. He was loved by many more than feared by one. Pray. Pray. Pray. And if that’s not your thing - positive thoughts, please. 

TX to the death of me. But y’all know I love STL. L raised.

The elements of the universe - Earth, Wind and Fire. (at Peabody Opera House)

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what it takes to get to this point. just say “thank you” to somebody. anybody.

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