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what it takes to get to this point. just say “thank you” to somebody. anybody.

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It’s pretty cool to look back on your life and think about all of the things that you can say without a doubt have made you who (or what, if you’re one of those guys) you are to date. Without knowing it were kinda forced to assess it everyday with basic decision making but when you really think about it thoughts go from ‘man! I dodged that bullet’ to ‘There would be no new job, relationship, friends, location, etc. had I decided to…’

Anywho, that has often made me want to pick up a phone, or hit a tweet, maybe even a picture to say nothing more than Thank you because I realize none of us have ever truly been on our own. In our hardest times, when life felt like warfare, the positive thoughts of good times, prayers, well wishes and acknowledgments - we’ve always had an army. 

It’s always good to acknowledge the army you claim. Let’s do it. 

just dev. prfcy.

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6.27 - such a cultural influence. the reason my iTunes has style points.

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